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Joining a sport is a commitment, and swimming can be more time consuming than most sports.

Children that participate on the Rapids Swim Team will learn the sport of swimming. They will learn the different strokes and their skills will be refined to make them the best swimmers they can be. They also learn things that they can apply to their life outside of swimming such as strong work habits and discipline, how to handle competition and pressure, nutrition and even a little physiology.

We see the Rapids Swim Team as a developmental program. That is, when we have a swimmer at age six or eight, we want to see that swimmer as a complete athlete at age 18.

Swimming with the Rapids is also a great opportunity to have fun and make friends. The social aspect of swimming is very important, and the Rapids’ coaches try to make practice fun, while working hard, swimming smart, and training in an environment that makes success inevitable.

If a child wants to have a lot of fun but is also serious about wanting to become a good swimmer, the Rapids Swim Team is the perfect place to be.

****The Rapids swim team needs, encourages and welcomes any and all support from parents and family members. Running a meet is a big job and requires many hands. There are lots of jobs at all levels of involvement and comfort levels from timing at the lanes to stroke and turn officials to helping at the concession stand or selling tickets for the 50/50 raffles. Please plan to help out at each meet, no job is too small! There will be a parent meeting scheduled before the official start of the meet season, please don't hesitate to ask the veteran parents any questions before then, we are happy to help! In the meantime, the Parent Info link on the right may answer some of your questions.